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Every organization is different. In one hospital or medical practice, the IT  department may be really involved in projects, and in others not so much. The CFO may be hands-on in a hospital system, or the Health Information Managers might be left to make the tough choices. We work to understand your organizational DNA, and we set in place a plan for long-term success.  Our list of gratified clients isn’t only long, but most partnered with us for almost a decade.

Once organizational genetics are set, iData puts in place the human assets and
technical resources to ensure a positive and profitable relationship for
your organization.

Because great results starts with a great talent.

Based on your identified needs in the Client iD process, we select the workforce that can deliver. We are superlatively selective in our hiring practices: We hand-select professionals from our team of fully-vetted high-gear human assets.

We have learned that intelligent and satisfied professionals provide exceptional, consistent, and reliable work.  Exceptional technologies and processes abound. It is our human, intelligent assets that are our differentiator.  Front loading the right team skill level to successfully service your account, and we ensure that ongoing training and support aligns with your ongoing goals. In the end, we prefer (and value the wisdom of) paying now, not later.

Once organizational DNA is understood and we’ve selected the right
workforce to ensure a stable long-term relationship (by keeping you happy),
we work on understanding the right level of security for your organization.

Your standards are our first priority.

A globally-recognized Information Security Standard like ISO 27001 is not a one-size fits all in a privacy-starved market place. Your IT department or other constituents sometimes have security protocols and requirements that are unique. Your organization also quite likely has different ways of using technology and software.

We assess those use cases and your unique requirements, and set a security program in place to give you peace of mind, ensure strict and audit-certified HIPPA compliance, and keep everyone happy.

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