Aug 01, 2018

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Dr. Reed Gelzer | Expert Profile | Influencer on Document and Data Integrity in the EHR

Dr. Reed Gelzer | Expert Profile | Influencer on Document and Data Integrity in the EHR

Dr. Reed Gelzer | Expert Profile | Influencer on Document and Data Integrity in the EHR

iData Medical has been privileged to have a strong and growing relationship with one of the Nation’s subject matter experts in the field of EHR Document and Data Integrity. You could say that Dr. Reed Gelzer, MD, MPH, has really had two careers. The first, as a physician, and the second as someone who is passionately focused on Document and Data Integrity. His focus on the latter is currently on improving quality and patient safety, and reducing malpractice risk and potential false or fraudulent claims allegations.

Dr. Gelzer is an author, influencer, leader, consultant, and regular speaker about subjects that look at American legal traditions, medical records excellence, the related critical role of Integrity Specialists and the legal ramifications of document and data integrity considerations related to the EHR.

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Dr. Gelzer, is a Health IT Policy, and EHR Specialist. After 14 years in clinical practice and EHR support, Dr. Gelzer currently also serves HL7 EHR Standards development (Facilitator, HL7 EHR Systems Records Management and Evidentiary Support), the American Bar Association’s Health Law section, Sedona Conference WG on digital records retention and production, and Federal Agencies and patient care organizations, helping various stakeholders avoid and mitigate for legal exposure stemming for poor EHR data and document integrity. Gelzer published How to Evaluate Electronic Health Record Systems in 2008, and began his consulting company Trustworthy EHR in 2013. Additionally, he contributed the chapter “Lawyer Proofing Your EMR” in the book entitled, Successfully Choosing Your EMR: 15 Crucial Decisions. In October 2017, he took part in a Talk Ten Tuesdays panel discussion on the subject of “Documenting the Case of False or Nonsensical Medical Records” (download his conversation HERE. Source and Credit: ICD10Monitor).

Dr. Gelzer work actively to help accelerate the systematic, methodical, reliability-focused uptake of modern, standards-compliant Health IT in clinical practice and Public Health settings by supporting informed decision-making on Information Management policies, procedures, vetting and implementation tools, and their thoughtful application for patient health.

Additional areas of Dr. Reed’s focus include:

  • Functional analysis of EHRs
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Task and data flow mapping within complex EHR Systems
  • Professional workload capture and resource management analysis
  • Functional analysis of EHRs
  • Medical-legal risk attributes for EHR Systems
  • Release of Information Analysis
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR) of EHR-sourced Information (ESI)
  • Evidentiary attributes of EHRs

To learn more about Dr. Reed and his influencer involvement in EHR Data and Document Integrity, please join us when he speaks about achieving documentation integrity by having a practical discussion about legal, clinical, and ethical foundations during our next webinar series scheduled for Wednesday, August 8, at 12 Noon (eastern). To register for the FREE webinar, click below.



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