What defines success for you? Lower TAT? Better ease of use for frustrated
doctors, nurses, and other staff? Actionable data for you? Whatever your needs,
they are best accomplished by a company that fully understands your
organizational DNA.

Client iD by iData

For Transcription

After your iD DNA is set, we work with your
existing technology, or work to select new
transcription software programs.

Massive levels of data extraction are possible –
need TAT last Sunday vs. four Sundays ago? We
can do that and much more (even software
makers themselves don’t understand how we’re
able to pull and manipulate so much data).

Typical Process

For Transcription

Whether you’re happy with your current software,
or not your organization is stuck with using what
the transcription company works with.

You are stuck with the data.

The success of every coding and transcription program starts with selecting and retaining the right talent.
No company is better than iData at selecting, nurturing talent. We have a process proven over decades to select,
train, and lift up the best talent. Does it really matter who does your transcription and coding, as long as
it gets done? Yes and yes! Long-term programmatic stability and workers trained to your needs
are just some of the benefits.

Workforce iD by iData

For Transcription

Ongoing training by HR department and direct

Transcriptionists are commonly promoted and
given raises.

Based on your Client iD profile, workers are
trained and tested based on your requirements
and they are required to master the programs
that best suit your organization.

Typical Process

For Transcription

Training stops after an initial onboarding period.

Reviews are done to lower salary. Workers are
commonly given unrealistic expectations and
punished when not met.

Transcriptionists are trained the programs that
work best for the transcription companies – if
they are asked to use your program, often have
limited expertise.

Most companies offer standard security protocols. We offer all of the below, but most
importantly, we offer you peace of mind. By understanding your organizational structure (through
our Client iD Process), we are able to ensure that your security program is
bespoke to your needs.

Additionally, we use the best and most robust software programs out there. Rather than develop our own systems, we are expert at managing and deploying software programs that are back by serious security teams.

The following is listed:

528-bit encryption, VPN connection.

Dictation immediately tagged for tracking.

HIPAA compliant, web-based transcription.

Our transcription program offers:

Beyond ISO 27000 security standards.

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