Kendall Tant, CEO and President

Kendall founded iData ten years ago after spending 25 years in healthcare software and services.

After a career in business development and executive management with companies like Kurzweil (Speech Recognition), SMS (hospital and physician systems and services acquired by Siemens), CBay, and Spryance, founded iData to provide world class services by creating the best workforce and management team in the industry. Looking forward to the next ten years.

JD Thangamony, Senior Vice President

JD brings 27 years of work experience to iData including extensive experience in software, digitization (Data Capture, Mining, Entry, Conversion), and over 15 years of Medical Transcription experience from the ground up. His experience runs the gamut in health information including transcriptionist, editor, QC, QA,  Manager and Vice President.  He has several software certifications including Oracle, Visual Basic and Developer 2000.

JD has completed Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and has used these skills to help the iData team and its clients with regards to cost control, quality, improved productivity and improvement in turn-around-time. This has allowed him to further his goal of making iData’s workforce among the highest paid and best trained in the industry. He lives by his mantra: accuracy before speed. Fun fact: he knows Morse Code.

Joey Costa, VP of Operations

Joey has been with iData for over 5 years directing M&A due diligence activities, overseeing risk management, and spearheading various business vertical opportunities in the transcription and coding space.  Having worked for a Fortune 200 company in an executive role directing business development projects collectively worth over $1B all over the US and Canada, Joey is a valuable asset to iData’s continued forward-thinking and growth-oriented strategies in a fluid market.

Sam Sameer, VP of Human Resources

Sam joined iData in 2008. With over 16-years  of experience in health information, he has a strong industry-specific background implementing best practices and building a successful HR department from the ground up.  Having worked with companies such as Spryance and Nuance formerly, Sam has talent for imparting training at all levels, including MIS, supervisory training and management coaching.

As our primary eye for talent, Sam extensively interviews both candidates and companies to ensure successful working relationships. Additionally, Sam manages outsourcing/vendor management for iData and is an efficient Vendor Manager adept at determining vendor patterns and nurturing mutually beneficial vendor relationships.

Chris Blue, Director of Business Development

Chris brings over 20 years of business development experience in healthcare including launching Focus Infomatics as a founding father which was later sold to Nuance Communications. Under his supervision, Focus grew to over 3,000 employees. He is an MBA, and has been part of 3-start up companies in his career as well as being a “Best of KLAS Winner,” as the nation’s top transcription company in 2006.

Lara Tant, Director of Administrative Services

Lara Tant manages all of the administrative services for iData.

She is a magna cum laude graduate of St. Mary’s College in San Francisco, California.