Document Integrity Articles


Document Integrity Articles

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Document Integrity and Healthier Patients—

Simple overview of the connection between good documentation and good patient care

Document Integration—

Misuse and even the design of the EHR leads to documents not being clear and patient care being compromised.

Document Integrity Solutions—

Flier looking at what iData does to improve document integrity

Importance of Transcription in the EHR—

Looks at how transcription addresses problems of document integrity in the EHR

iData White Paper

The Emerging Role of Medical Transcription in Electronic Health Record—

Recent White Paper that speaks with more detail about the issues and solutions for document integrity with transcription being a key component of the solution.


Document Integrity Failures in the EMR—

Great article

Support Electronic Records Requests—

Transcription could simplify the transferring of records requests

EHR copy, paste could land you in hot water—

Death by a thousand clicks: Leading Boston Doctors Decry Electronic Medical Records—

The EHR is significantly reducing doctors’ productivity

HHS Secretary Tom Price wants to ease the health IT burden on doctors—

Medication Errors Attributed to Health Information Technology—

Life Sucking Power of EHR—