Oct 09, 2017

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Do You Have A Medical Transcription Backup Vendor?

Do You Have A Medical Transcription Backup Vendor?

Why is it that we often fail to have Plan B’s in life? Backup plans, third string players, an emergency battery or generator, a standby flash light, hidden emergency money, backup for your family photos, an extra key to your front door, or a backup parachute? Yet, just when we need them, we don’t often have them.


Do You Have A Medical Transcription Backup Vendor?
It’s The Intelligently Veiled Value Proposition!

Medical Transcription is no different. You’re a hospital or an MT service with many important clients that depend on your uninterruptible service pipeline. Patients, and your reputation and revenue stream depend on it. You simply can’t afford to experience service interruption from your current MT vendor and have no contingency plan in place.

This is where iData comes in. We pride ourselves with offering not only superlative front-end MT service, but we also offer a streamlined, plug-and-play backup transcription service for your hospital or document business at the flip of a switch. Power outage? Cake. Internet disruption? Easy. Did someone in the work-flow get hacked or data become irreparably compromised? You’re secure with iData’s proprietary iD3 Process!

Uninterruptible Transcription is your
Risk Management Plan. So, why wait?!

iData would love to be your backup parachute (okay, vendor)!  Let us show you our consistent and reliable approach to uninterruptible work-flow, and higher quality and TAT using iD3.  Don’t let MT supply chain interruptions strangle you or threaten your business continuity cycle. It’s time. It’s your turn to call.


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