Oct 09, 2017

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Document Integrity – Racing the Tour de Fact

Document Integrity – Racing the Tour de Fact

Document Integrity – Racing the Tour de Fact

If you’re like most people, we just keep moving with the inertial forces thrust upon us.  Indeed, we’re creatures of habit.  After all, most of us resist, if not fight change, because its hard: Change of schedule, locations, food, routines, people, jobs, friends, status, and so forth.

But deep down, we know that change is often necessary to move the pedals of our life’s “bicycle”. One pedal is depressed called “knowledge”. The other pedal depressed is called “action”.  Both are necessary and both must be depressed in sync to make our so-called bike roll down the road.

And so it is with Medical Document Integrity.  Knowledge that things can be better, problems can be avoided, quality can be enhanced, patient care can be  improved, liability can be reduced, and an accurate patient story can be told – that Knowledge isn’t enough. We also need Action. Let us no longer perpetuate the habits that replicate substandard results in our industry.

iData is focused on gaps caused by changes (and the related bad habits) related to the Medical Record, which often occur whenever a facility moves to an new EMR system. iData wants to come alongside your existing solution and fill those gaps with Action and nurture positive change!

Our method is pretty simple. It includes:

  • Use documentation audits as needed to identify the problems.
  • We provide specific feedback so specific solutions can be implemented.
  • We show our clients how traditional transcription reporting avoids these oversights.
  • We guide Physicians on the same – paying special attention to avoiding EMR shortcuts.
  • We show Doctors where and how transcription safeguards this entire process.

Contact us now for more information and be sure to check out our latest White Paper entitled, “The Emerging Role of Medical Transcription in the Electronic Health Record” authored by Darice Grzybowski (H.I.Mentors, LLC) – a nationally renowned author and speaker in the field of medical health documentation, processes, and systems.

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