Oct 19, 2017

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EHR and the Hidden Agenda

EHR and the Hidden Agenda

So you’re thinking: “Another article about Document Integrity and the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Haven’t we had enough?” Granted, there’s a lot out there: Opinions, Vendors and Insurance “drivers”, Physicians, and Hospitals. Caught in between the cross-fire? Patients! So how does this translate into meaningful take-aways for you, for iData… really for all of us? Let’s get into the facts.  Below are excerpts from an article by Hermann W. Børg, M.D., in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Summer 2017, which scream against the outlandish propagation of EHR systems and related requirements. As Dr. Børg concludes,

“Well-designed research studies refute the enthusiastic expectations about EHR. Such studies provide very valuable evidence in discussion of its future directions. However, the research studies per se will not rectify the accelerating EHR debacle. Powerful EHR proponents will not be persuaded by scientific data. They have an agenda, and the EHR serves it well. “

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