Jul 12, 2018

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Practical Discussion of the Legal, Clinical, and Ethical Foundations | Data and Document Integrity Series | Live Webinar Episode #3

Practical Discussion of the Legal, Clinical, and Ethical Foundations | Data and Document Integrity Series | Live Webinar Episode #3

Join nationally-renowned author and speaker
Dr. Reed Gelzer, MD, MPH, speak about achieving documentation integrity by having a practical discussion about legal, clinical, and ethical foundations.


Dr. Gelzer is a nationally recognized leader and speaker on the topic of electronic health record management and document integrity.

Attend to learn actionable steps for improving productivity, mitigating risk, increase overlooked revenue, and minimize your legal exposure in areas you may not even know exist. Dr. Gelzer will speak to these issues and include recommendation for improving your clinical documentation in the electronic health record. Appropriate audience include HIM & CDI professionals, Risk/ Compliance/ Quality Managers, Clinicians, IT Professionals, CIOs, and Legal Experts.

Sponsored by iData Medical, Dr. Gelzer presents his findings and recommendations as another part of a webinar series on document and data integrity. Here are some of the topics Dr. Gelzer will cover:

  • American legal traditions, Medical Records Excellence, your critical role as Integrity Specialists
  • Doing it right and doing it well: Reliability, Accuracy, and Authenticity
  • Examples of EHR “vulnerabilities” that harm patients, clinicians, and the clinical enterprise
  • What can you do?


Dr. Reed Gelzer, MD, MPH, is Health IT Policy, and EHR Specialist. After 14 years in clinical practice and EHR support, Dr. Gelzer currently also serves HL7 EHR Standards development (Facilitator, HL7 EHR Systems Records Management and Evidentiary Support), the American Bar Association’s Health Law section, Sedona Conference WG on digital records retention and production, and Federal Agencies and patient care organizations, helping various stakeholders avoid and mitigate for legal exposure stemming for poor EHR data and document integrity. Gelzer published How to Evaluate Electronic Health Record Systems in 2008, and began his consulting company Trustworthy EHR in 2013.

Dr. Gelzer invites and actively seeks opportunities and partners to accelerate the systematic, methodical, reliability-focused uptake of modern, standards-compliant Health IT in clinical practice and Public Health settings by supporting informed decision-making on Information Management policies, procedures, vetting and implementation tools, and their thoughtful application for patient health.

Additional Specialties and Interest Areas of Dr. Gelzer include:

  • Functional analysis of EHRs
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Task and data flow mapping within complex EHR Systems
  • Professional workload capture and resource management analysis
  • Functional analysis of EHRs
  • Medical-legal risk attributes for EHR Systems
  • Release of Information Analysis
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR) of EHR-sourced Information (ESI)
  • Evidentiary attributes of EHRs


Now celebrating its 10th year as a medical document management leader, iData Medical specializes in transcription, speech recognition editing, and coding documents. Operating out of their offices in Florida and Maryland, iData’s success hinges on its rigorous focus on document integrity, a product of its trademark iD3 process, its focus on the customer, hiring and managing the best people, and operating its work flow using industry leading security.

iData focuses on creating quality clinical documentation documents and overall medical records (accurate patient’s “story”), performs document integrity audits for small and large facilities, and provides back-up services as part of facility contingency and business continuity plans.

Over the years, iData has partnered with leading professionals, consultants, speakers and industry experts to not only improve its work flow, but promote knowledge in the document integrity realm.

Find iData Medical at www.iDataMedical.com


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